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When you start a new job, you typically sign a contract of employment. This is a legal document that outlines the terms and conditions of your employment, including your job description, salary, benefits, and any other relevant details.

In simple terms, a contract of employment is an agreement between you (the employee) and your employer. It sets out what is expected of you in your role, what your employer will provide in return, and the rights and responsibilities of both parties.

The contract will usually include information such as:

– Your job title and duties

– Your salary and payment schedule

– Your hours of work and any overtime arrangements

– Your holiday entitlement and sick leave policy

– Your notice period (how much notice your employer must give you if they want to end your employment, and vice versa)

– Your pension and other benefits

– Any rules or policies you must follow while at work

– Confidentiality clauses and non-compete agreements (if relevant)

It`s important to read your contract carefully before signing it, and to ask your employer about anything you don`t understand. Once you sign the contract, you are legally bound by its terms.

If you have any concerns or questions about your contract of employment, don`t hesitate to seek legal advice or speak to HR. It`s always better to clarify things before you start your new job, rather than discovering something you`re unhappy with down the line.

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